Bild a

better future


Invest in clean energy and smart infrastructure through our investing platform powered by distributed ledger technology, foster real economic growth, and start bilding the future.


Bild connects you to investments that will shape the future of our planet.

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Invest like never before


Bild provides, for the first time, direct access to sustainable projects that offers attractive returns and the potential to revolutionize the world. Customize your portfolio with sustainable assets focused on clean energy and smart infrastructure and outperform investors who don’t.



Crystal clear



Our proprietary ESG impact model provides full transparency and allows you to track the impact of your dollars. We leverage complex system dynamic models to quantify the social economic impact of your investment in real time. Enjoy the financial upside of your investment while tracking its positive externalities.

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Your money is safe with Bild.


Your security and trust are essential to us. We're committed to protecting your account using the highest security standards available. Bild does not store any account information, respects your privacy using encrypted software, and best practice industry standards for KYC, AMLand compliance. Full transparency and lower costs; our technology is your competitive advantage.


A diverse

asset class


One of the benefits in investing in infrastructure and energy projects is a shift on the efficiency frontier that helps increase portfolio returns, low correlation with equity markets, and long term cash flows with higher yields.

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Raise capital for your project.


Bild provides capital for project developers and sponsors. Our exclusive peer-to-peer investing platform provides smart capital that helps you achieve your goals, project completion and/or refinance fast. Be part of the future of project finance.


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Our team:

We are an award-winning, multi-disciplinary team that balances entrepreneurship, execution capability and operational excellence with distributive leadership model. Spin out of MIT, our team has extensive track record in project finance, energy & infrastructure investments, with leading academics and financial professionals with MBA and PhDs focused on democratizing access to this asset class allowing investors to create the future of our planet.

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